The Remote Soil Monitoring system continuously measures soil moisture and soil temperature. The data is displayed in a graphical web page format making it easy to determine soil conditions. Soil moisture sensors can be installed at various depths in each field to obtain the most accurate, localized data.
  • Optimize Water Management

    Remote soil monitoring continuously measures soil moisture and soil temperature so you can avoid under or over watering your field

  • Maximize Yields

    Real-time data and proper control of soil conditions help ensure maximum crop yields

  • Lower Input Costs

    Remote soil monitoring eliminates guesswork thereby saving money associated with unnecessary effort and resource use

  • Customize to Fit Needs

    Select the number and orientation of soil sensor hubs and connectivity options to fit your needs

Sensor Data Access
Easily view the soil moisture, soil temperature and localized weather station (optional) data on a web page from any computer. The graphs display the current and historical trends for each set of sensors.

Remote Soil Monitoring Components

Soil Moisture Sensor Hubs
Consists of the soil moisture sensors, soil temperature sensor and wireless LoRa radio hub for sending the data


The Gateway connects with the sensor hubs through wireless LoRa. It connects to the Internet via WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular
Weather Station (optional)
Includes sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, and windspeed and wirelessly connects the Gateway

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